Zabbix Monitoring Overview

In order to monitor the main parameters of Jelastic infrastructure and cluster components such as hardware and infrastructure nodes Zabbix Monitoring Solution is used. It is a software that monitors service availability, resource usage, network parameters, servers health and integrity.

Zabbix uses a flexible notification mechanism that allows to configure email based alerts for any event. This ensures a fast reaction to server problems.

Zabbix monitoring is performed using Pulse, built-in Zabbix server which is provided together with the Jelastic infrastructure. It is located on CTID 106 of the infrastructure node.

Zabbix server dashboard is available at http://pulse.<hoster_domain>/zabbix. To get access log in with the credentials which you’ve got by the email after registration.

Pulse monitors main parameters of Jelastic infrastructure components such as:

  • hardnodes
  • infrastructure nodes (databases, application servers, resolver, etc..)

Jelastic provides Pulse with enabled hosts and ready-made templates for them. Every template includes items, triggers, and graphs. Items are grouped according to the applications. Triggers are linked to the appropriate items. Graphs are built on the basis of the items.

Pulse is preconfigured to monitor:

  • hardware and infrastructure node availability
  • services availability (http, ftp, ssh)
  • operation system processes
  • specific processes inside infrastructure containers
  • critical usage of swap, disk space, CPU
  • web-monitoring of Jelastic user dashboard, JCA (availability, response time, download speed)
  • web-monitoring critical internal platform parameters (statistics, billing etc.)
  • other kinds of web-monitoring (follow the link for more detailed information)

Zabbix agent is installed on every node. It collects data according to items and sends it to Zabbix server. Pulse uses both modes of Zabbix agent checks: active and passive. Active checks are used for hardware nodes and passive checks for infrastructure nodes.

Note: you can also perform monitoring using your own installed Zabbix just taking into consideration Jelastic system requirements.

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