.NET/Windows Hosting Support

Within the confines of .NET/Windows hosting support at Jelastic, the following servers are provided:

The detailed information on these servers can be found within the corresponding linked guides.

And now let’s reveal the required steps for providing .NET/Windows hosting at your Jelastic Platform:

Hosts Requirements

If you’d like to get the ability to provide the .NET/Windows hosting services for end-users, your Jelastic cluster needs to contain a separate Windows-dedicated host(s). The hardware requirements for such hosts are similar to the ones for Linux-based servers.

For the detailed requirements and assistance, please contact your dedicated Jelastic account manager.

Note: After installation, you need to periodicaly check for updates for your Windows hosts.

Required Licenses

As Windows software is proprietary and can’t be distributed freely, the appropriate licences (according to the required OS version) should be applied to your Windows-dedicated hosts for allowing the unlimited number of server software copies to be run on a single server. Currently, we provide the following operating systems' support:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Edition for operating with 2012 software templates versions: IIS 8, MSSQL 2012 and Windows 2012 VPS. Important: currently the R2 version is not supported.
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition if you’d like to additionally provide the Windows 2008 VPS containers (should be applied to a separate host)

The necessary amount of licenses depends on the amount of processors at your hosts – usually it’s one license per each pair of physical processors.

Subsequently, you’ll be able to configure charging your customers for running the licensed Windows VPS 2008/2012 containers.

Enabling Jelastic .NET/Windows Hosting

By default, .NET/Windows hosting support isn’t enabled at a platform. Thus, to try it out, you need to activate Windows hosting manually for the desired group of users or just for a particular user.

This is regulated with the help of two settings: availability of the .NET tab at the topology wizard and enabling the hosting itself. Besides that, there are a few tunable options, that control the availability of some extra options within the confines of Jelastic Windows hosting.

So, let’s examine the mentioned settings one by one.

.NET Wizard Tab

Navigate to your JCA > System settings > User Interface.

Find the ENGINE_TYPES parameter and add “dotnet” to the list of available programming languages (or delete it if you want to disable this language). If you use several programming languages, then just enumerate them, comma separated.

Note: In the case you would like to enable all the supported by Jelastic languages (i.e. Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, Go and .NET) for your users, you can state “*” value instead of a comma separated list.

This parameter defines if the .NET programming language is available to be shown within the environment topology wizard at the dashboard. Nevertheless, users won’t see it until the Windows hosting itself is enabled for them, thus specifying the dotnet value for all users here won’t affect those of them, who were not granted access to these services (according to the instruction below).

Enabling Windows Hosting

Providing the ability to work with Windows-based nodes is regulated by the windows.nodes.enabled quota, which can be adjusted separately for a particular group or user.

To give Windows access for:

  • a whole group of users - navigate to the JCA > Billing > Groups > Quotas section.
  • a particular user - navigate to the JCA > Users section, select the desired user from the list and switch to the Quotas tab at the right-hand panel

Then find and activate the windows.nodes.enabled quota by changing its value to 1.

After that a .NET tab will appear in the Environment topology wizard alongside other programming languages for the chosen user/group of users.

Extra Options

The possibility to use VPS containers with the bare Windows 2008/2012 OS installed is additionally regulated with the help of the environment.vds.enabled quota. It can be activated in the same way - through stating the 1 value in the corresponding field and clicking Update.

Note that this quota simultaneously controls the availability of other Elastic VPS containers for the chosen group/user.

Windows JCA Settings

Once host with the appropriate software installed is added to your Jelastic cluster, it will be displayed in the JCA > Cluster > Hosts list, being marked with Windows icon:

And here are a few available via JCA Windows-dedicated settings for adjusting the provided services according to your requirements.

Charging for Licenses

While providing the Windows-based hosting to your end-users, you can also state the price for Windows VPS containers' usage. So, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Billing > Tariffs JCA section, where you can create a new tariff plan by clicking the Add button.

In the opened window, you need to:

  • fill in the Name and Description fields with the desired values
  • choose the License item within the Type drop-down list
  • select the required stack Template from the same-named list (supposedly, Windows 2008 or Windows 2012)
  • adjust the price for the chosen stack’s usage within the Price/hour column in the right-hand Tiers pane (double-click on it, state the desired value and select Update)

After all the configurations are done, click on Save. Your new tariff will be listed alongside all of the other ones, being marked with a corresponding software icon. The price for each of the necessary templates should be configured separately in just the same way.

  1. Once all the required tiers are added, switch to the Billing > Pricing Models section and choose the desired pricing model (the one to which the charging for licenses should be applied). Then switch to the Tariffs pane at the right and click Edit.

Find the LICENCE subsection, tick the previously configured tiers for adding them to the current tariffs plan and click on Apply at the very top of the pane.

  1. Applying these settings results in the following changes for a user’s dashboard:
  • while choosing the stack with a stated price, the corresponding amount of spends (per month) will be added to the overall environment cost

  • the list of available software stacks at the Balance > Quotas & Pricing menu item (Software tab) will be complemented with the stated prices (per month) next to the appropriate stacks, shown at the very beginning of the list

Active Directory

If you are managing a Private Cloud with the Jelastic platform installed, you may be interested in configuring several Active Directory domains for your customers. For more details on how this can be done, refer to the corresponding document.