SMTP Server Configuration

Jelastic system sends a set of email notifications about various events in the system. This is performed with a help of SMTP server.

To configure this SMTP server navigate to JCA > System Settings, expand common list and set the following parameters:
  • (DNS name of SMTP server that should be used by Jelastic to send email messages to users)
  • smtp.mail.port (Network port to access SMTP server)
  • smtp.mail.user (Account name to authenticate on SMTP server specified in
  • smtp.mail.password (Password for account provided in smtp.mail.user)
  • smtp.mail.ssl (Secure protocol for notifications from the SMTP email server; NONE, STARTTLS, SSMTP)
  • smtp.mail.from (FROM address for email messages sent by Jelastic to users)
Do not forget to click the Apply button in the toolbar.