Email Restriction by Mask

Beside the obligatory account activation, another ability to protect your Jelastic platform from bots invasion or other harmful intrusion can be implemented by means of adding the rule, which defines the list of forbidden email domains. Specifying a particular domain within the appropriate parameter will disallow the registration for all the emails with this domain.

Perform the following steps in order to specify the desired emails mask:

  1. Navigate to the JCA > System Settings section, enable the Expert mode, and expand the common parameter’s group. 1

  2. Find the parameter. It have the default value - a few already-known undesirable email domains:  


You can extend this regular expression and specify the required set of email domains within the same format (…@yopmail.*|.@domain1.|.*@domain2.** etc). You are also able to delete the stated by default domains, but it’s strongly not recommended.

Save the changes.

After applying the new configurations, all the emails entered inside the appropriate fields at the dashboard, will be checked for mask compliance. In the case the system found a match, a user will be shown a warning message, informing him that the specified email address is not allowed:


This applies for the corresponding forms of new account signup, inviting users for collaboration, changing account-binded email via JCA, etc. Nevertheless, owners of the already existing accounts, even if their emails are covered with this rule, will not experience any restrictions or inconveniences.

What’s next?