System Settings for Reseller’s Platform

Using the reseller JCA panel functionality, you can completely personalize your sub-platform’s user dashboard (including the white label appliance) in order to deliver services under the required brand. Within this guide, we’ll show the main configurations you have to configure before promoting your portal to end-users and a set of additional ones you may be interested in.

1. Let’s start with the main platform parameters - navigate to the System settings > common section:

Here, the following settings are available:
  • - defines your support team email to be used for communication with customers
  • smtp.* - a set of parameters for configuring mailings from Jelastic to end-users; follow the tips within the Description column to state them properly

In order to change the value for the required parameter, choose it and click on the Edit button at the top pane (or just double-click the appropriate string) and set the desired Value in the appeared pop up:

Click OK to confirm the change.

Note that once all the required parameters’ changes are specified, you need to Apply them with the corresponding button at the top panel:

2. Within the jclient parameters module at the same section, you are able to configure the majority of dashboard settings.

Here are the main options you may be interested in for UI customization:
  • AVAILABLE_LANGS - list of languages to be available at user’s dashboard (can be chosen among the ones, that are already provided at initial platform; in case you require to use another localization, contact your parent hosting provider and request its addition)
  • HOSTER_DEFAULT_LANG - dashboard localization to be used by default (one of the languages, defined within the list of available ones above)
  • HOSTER_EMAILS_LOGO - your company logo in .png format to be used within email notifications (the recommended size is 210x52 px)
  • HOSTER_LOGO - your company logo in .png format to be used at dashboard (the recommended size is 273x70 px)
  • HOSTER_LOGO_SMALL - small version of your company logo in .png format to be used at dashboard (the recommended size is 81x20 px)
  • HOSTER_LOGO_TUTORIAL - your company logo in .png format to be used at dashboard’s tutorial intro (the recommended size is 106x25 px)
  • HOSTER_NAME - your company name to be used in email notifications, JCA and user’s dashboard
  • HOSTER_PRELOADER_LOGO - your company logo in .png format to be shown while the dashboard is being loaded (the recommended size is 273x70 px)

3.  Within the Links and User interface subsections, you can adjust the used at dashboard URLs and enable/disable some of the interface parts respectively (refer to the linked guides to see the details on available options).

In such a way, your portal dashboard can be customised in order to correspond to the required branding.