Pentaho Reports Overview

Pentaho tightly couples data integration with business analytics in a modern, integrated, embeddable platform built for the future of analytics, including diverse and big data requirements.

Powerful business analytics are made easily with Pentaho suite for data access, visualization, integration, analysis and mining.

Through an interactive and easy to use Pentaho web-based interface you can access analyzed and visualized data across multiple dimensions.

Jelastic provides you with access to the Pentaho dashboard where a wide range of reports connected with the end-users are presented.

Navigate and log in to Pentaho admin panel in one of the following ways:

  • Go to JCA > Tools and Docs and click the Open console button for Pentaho.
  • Follow the link of the next kind:

  • http://core.{hoster_domain}/pentaho/Login

    You'll see four folders with reports: Trial, Upgrades and Paid. Click on the required folder to see the list of available reports.

    1. Trials
      • Daily trial activity stats
      • Most active trials
      • Trials stopped evaluation
      • Trials without activity
      • Users by status

    2. Upgrades
      • 3-week conversion
      • Old upgrades
      • Recent upgrades

    3. Paid
      • Churned users
      • Daily ARPU
      • Paid users monthly billing
      • Paid users weekly billing

    You have a possibility to view the report online or export it in the suggested form by stating Output Type in the Report Parameters.

    All reports can be exported as CSV file if you need to process them automatically - for example for Mail Merge.

    Also, we can help you with direct SQL queries, if you want to automate reach out to problematic users via your email campaign services.

    The list of the reports is going to be enlarged. If any specific report is required but not presented in the list, please, contact Jelastic support.