Private Jelastic PaaS Installation from Google Cloud Marketplace

Jelastic PaaS can be easily deployed as a private installation on top of Google Cloud hardware using a pre-configured package, available at Google Marketplace. It ensures a completely automated installation process, so no special technical knowledge or skills are required.

Jelastic PaaS Deployment

1. Launch Jelastic PaaS solution via Google Marketplace.

Here, you can get acquainted with basic information about Jelastic PaaS (product overview, pricing information, link to documentation, etc.)

2. Within the opened window, you can customize your Jelastic Cloud installation parameters.

  • Deployment name - unique name for the current installation
  • Zone - the preferable physical location of the Google Cloud hardware
  • Vz disk size - the required amount of disk space for your Jelastic Cloud (in GB)
  • Machine Type - the total amount of resources available for a platform (number of CPU cores and RAM)
  • Shortdomain - subdomain for your Jelastic Cloud installation (a full domain will be {shortdomain}, where xxx - three random digits)

Click Deploy to proceed and wait a bit for the Jelastic PaaS instance to be automatically configured for you.

3. When the deployment is completed, you will see all the administrating information, required for your platform management.

Here, you can find:
  • Dev Panel - developers dashboard to manage hosted applications
  • Admin Panel - Jelastic Cluster Admin (JCA) panel to configure and orchestrate your private cloud platform
  • Admin user name and Admin user password - your admin account credentials (can be used to enter both of the above mentioned panels)


The default Admin user credentials are linked to the account automatically created by Google system for this installation. This account does not correspond to any real email address, so you won’t be able to receive important notifications about your application hosting (credentials to containers, load alerts, etc).

We highly recommend registering your personal/corporate email at the created Jelasic installation and provide it with admin rights via JCA:
  • Go to the Dev Panel (following the link in Create account block) and sign up a new user. The appropriate credentials will be sent to the specified email
  • Log into Admin Panel (JCA) with default Admin user name and password
  • Navigate to the Access Control section and add your newly created account to the list of users with admin rights

In the same way you can register separate accounts for all team members and grant them with admin or view rights within the JCA.

Getting Started with Jelastic Cloud Platform

As a cloud owner, you can enter and operate the platform through both administrator and end-user panels.

1. As an admin user, you have access to the Jelastic Cluster Admin panel, intended to manage and customize the platform.

Here, you can tune and monitor your Private Cloud in a desired way:

2. To start hosting applications, go to Jelastic developers dashboard where all environments and applications are managed.

Here, you can give a try to the main Jelastic functionality in confines of project hosting:

That’s it! Your Jelastic Cloud Platform is up and ready for the immediate usage.