Operations Guide Introduction

Operations guide is a document for Jelastic PaaS service hosting providers. It is created with the purpose of describing the workflow of the operations process. There are two parties involved in this process:

  • Hosting Provider (you)
  • Jelastic Team

All of the major maintenance activities are listed in the table below and can be applied to the user/infrastructure hosts or containers. Most of the activities can be performed by Hosting Provider independently, while others require assistance from the Jelastic Operations team (contact via Jelastic Support) for the proper maintenance.

The table legend:

  • Activity - a short description of the operation (click on the particular record to view the appropriate guide)
  • User Host - host with user containers
  • Infrastructure Host - host with the Jelastic infrastructure containers and other infrastructure elements
  • Infrastructure Container - a container with a particular component of the Jelastic PaaS infrastructure
  • Hosting Provider - this operation can be performed by yourself (according to the linked instruction)
  • Jelastic Operations - this activity should be performed by the Jelastic Operations team (can be requested via Jelastic Support)
  • N/A - an activity is not available for the appropriate element
ActivityUser HostInfrastructure HostInfrastructure ContainersEnd-User Containers
Adding New HostHosting ProviderHosting ProviderN/AN/A
User Host DecommissionHosting ProviderN/AN/AN/A
Virtuozzo Software and Kernel UpdateHosting ProviderHosting ProviderN/AN/A
Windows Host Software UpdateJelastic OperationsN/AN/AJelastic Operations
Rebooting Host/ContainerHosting ProviderHosting ProviderHosting ProviderN/A
Restarting ProcessesHosting ProviderHosting ProviderHosting ProviderHosting Provider
Editing System FilesHosting ProviderHosting ProviderJelastic OperationsJelastic Operations
SSH ConfigurationHosting ProviderHosting ProviderJelastic OperationsJelastic Operations
Infra Container ResourcesN/AN/AHosting ProviderN/A
Uploader ConfigurationN/AN/AJelastic OperationsN/A
Managing JCA AccountsN/AHosting ProviderN/AN/A
Managing OS User AccountsHosting ProviderHosting ProviderHosting ProviderHosting Provider
Host Firewall ConfigurationJelastic OperationsJelastic OperationsN/AN/A
Container Firewall ConfigurationN/AN/AJelastic OperationsJelastic Operations
IP Configuration and RoutingJelastic OperationsJelastic OperationsJelastic OperationsJelastic Operations
Zabbix Agent ConfigurationHosting ProviderHosting ProviderHosting ProviderHosting Provider
Logrotate ConfigurationHosting ProviderHosting ProviderJelastic OperationsJelastic Operations
File Access SettingsHosting ProviderHosting ProviderJelastic OperationsJelastic Operations
Infrastructure Migration to a New HostN/AJelastic OperationsN/AN/A
SSL Certificates UpdateN/AN/AHosting ProviderN/A
Infrastructure Container Limits ConfigurationN/AN/AJelastic OperationsN/A
Additional SoftwareJelastic OperationsJelastic OperationsJelastic OperationsJelastic Operations
Outdated Data Removal from DatabaseN/AN/AJelastic OperationsN/A
Backup and RestoreHosting ProviderHosting ProviderN/AN/A


  • If you plan to perform any maintenance, which is not listed in this table, and you are not sure on how it may affect the product, please contact the Jelastic Support team. Wait for the confirmation of the planned activities safety (some changes might cause application downtime or severe performance degradation).
  • Any custom configuration, which is not described in this guide, should be discussed with the Jelastic Operation team; otherwise, it may be overwritten during the next platform upgrade.

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