Monitoring System Overview

Monitoring and analyzing the received data is an integral process of system maintaining. With Jelastic platform you can monitor the overall system performance, numerous infrastructure parameters and service components, user’s environments states and collect business analytics.

Different monitoring processes in Jelastic are performed with the following systems:

Zabbix Monitoring

In order to monitor the main parameters of Jelastic infrastructure and cluster components such as hardware and infrastructure nodes Zabbix Monitoring Solution is used. It is a software that monitors services availability, resources usage, network parameters, servers health and integrity.

Zabbix uses a flexible notification mechanism that allows to configure email based alerts for any event. This ensures a fast reaction to server problems.

Zabbix is free for use and distributed under the GPL General Public License version 2. It means that its source code is freely distributed and available for the general public.

There are two ways of monitoring with the help of Zabbix system:

  • using Pulse (built-in Zabbix server) which is provided together with the Jelastic infrastructure

  • using your own installed Zabbix just taking into consideration Jelastic system requirements

Use abovementioned links in order to get thoroughly acquainted with Zabbix settings for monitoring Jelastic system.

Pentaho Reports

Pentaho is a modern integrated platform for collecting the business analytics and visualize the received data across multiple dimensions. Jelastic Pentaho system includes a wide range of reports with end-user statistics.

To get more info navigate to the Pentaho Reports docs.

Google Analytics

With Jelastic you can use Google Analytics Monitoring, configured for your dashboard. It is an utility for getting the statistics on traffic, functionality being used, actions performed via dashboard and tracking the users' signups.

Detailed information you can find in Google Analytics Monitoring doc.