Direct URL for Solution Deploy

You can provide your users with a direct URL for deploying solutions automatically.

Such link can be generated by:

Solution names that can be used for automatical deploy can be seen in JCA > Applications (ID value).

Direct Link Generated by Hoster

There are two kinds of direct URLs you can use:

  • with authentication requested

Using this link a user is redirected to the Jelastic dashboard and right after entering credentials the deploy is started automatically:

  • with automatic authentication

Such one time link redirects a user to the dashboard with no need to enter credentials. At the same time the solution deploy is started automatically.

To generate such direct URL you should prepare a script for performing the following algorithm:

1. Using your JCA admin credentials create the link due to the following sample:


Note that you need to use JCA login and password of the admin user.

2. Follow the link you've just created. In the opened JSON file copy your session:

session: "{your_session}"

3. Create one more link stating the email of your user for autologon and your session as in the following sample:


4. Follow the link you've just created. In the opened JSON file copy the provided URL:

link: "{URL}"

This is the very one time link that you can send to your user.