OOM Killer

The Out-of-Memory (OOM) killer is a job for the Linux-based OS to suspend the currently unimportant processes and to release RAM they use for more prioritized services. The selection of the process to be killed is based on principles of losing the minimal amount of work done and simultaneous recovering larger amount of memory. Jelastic runs the OOM killer tool on all containers by default, allowing them to continue functioning when the RAM limit is reached.

In order to track the OOM Killer activity, use the same-named tab available within the Reports section.

You can specify the following search criteria to filter the list of killed processes:
  • Domain or Alias of an affected environment
  • User ID of an environment owner
  • Process Name
  • Start date/End date when a process was killed

After proving a criterion, click Search to update a webpage and see the results. Use the Clear button to drop the search results and see the complete list of killed processes.

The OOM Killer section provides full information on each out-of-memory issue in terms of the following aspects:
  • Domain of an affected environment that you can click to be redirected to the Cluster > Environments section
  • Hardware node where a target environment runs
  • User ID of an environment owner that you can click to be redirected to the Users section
  • Container ID of an involved container
  • Node ID of an affected node
  • Node Type where a process ran
  • Process Name
  • Process ID
  • Time when a process was killed

Tip: For a detailed information on processes that may be affected by OOM killer, see documentation.