Master Templates

In the Master Templates tab, you can find the default Jelastic master template for all emails with the corresponding logo, header and footer. This template is used for all of the Jelastic emails.

Choose the Default Master Template item to preview it within the right-hand section for all available languages or just for a specified one (use the corresponding drop-down list above).

Also, you can customize this master template and apply the changes to all emails:

Logo Customization

Each email contains the Jelastic logo by default, which can be substituted with the hosting provider’s logo. If you want to customize it, navigate to the System Settings JCA section and follow the next instruction:

1. Expand the jclient settings list and find the HOSTER_EMAILS_LOGO parameter inside:

2. Double-click on it. In the opened window specify the URL to the necessary image, state its width and height, and select OK.

3. After that don’t forget to save the changes by clicking the Apply button above the list.

To customize text from the default template, proceed to the next section.

Text Customization

Follow the next steps to apply text customization within the Default Master Template.

1. Choose the Default Master Template and click the Edit button above.

2. In the opened Editor you can customize the master template based on your requirements.

First of all, choose the Language of your template using the drop-down menu (circled in the image above). The master template for every available language should be edited separately.

You can edit the template directly in the opened window or update its HTML source using the appropriate tool button ( ).

3. Pay special attention to the Placeholders column to the left. There are two kinds of Placeholders presented here:
  • Required: it is suggested as necessary to insert these placeholders to the email template
  • Common: these placeholders can be used in the email template but are not mandatory

To add or change any placeholder, click the Placeholders button (  ) in the editor tools menu at the top. Choose the needed placeholder using the list in the opened window and Submit your choice.

The values for the placeholders can be specified in the System Settings > jclient section.

4. To insert a link, choose the text or placeholder which will be used as an anchor and click on the Insert/Edit button (  ).

In the opened window, select the necessary link placeholder within the Link List field or just paste the needed link to the Link URL field and click on Insert.

5. Once all of the edits are done, do not forget to Save your changes!

You can also Rollback the master template to the default version if you don’t want to apply the changes.

6. After saving the changes, click Publish to clear email cache from the old version of the template.

7. You can select the Preview button to look through the list of all available emails and their previews in English and your custom languages. 

You can open your email template either in a separate browser tab or in a popup window.