This reference provides in-depth information on using Jelastic Cluster Admin Panel, which is intended for monitoring system health, getting statistical reports on hardware state, managing tariffs, viewing billing data and troubleshooting maintenance issues.

To start with, please take a glance on the overview presentation below and get insights on the main functionality the JCA panel provides for your Jelastic Installation management:

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Basic Concepts

Cluster is a group of servers and other resources that act like a single system for providing the ability to install, run and maintain hosted applications. A Jelastic Cluster includes Hardware Nodes and a Cluster Orchestrator.
Cluster Orchestrator
Cluster Orchestrator is a set of internal components for managing, processing, analyzing and supporting the Jelastic system.
Hardware Node
Hardware nodes are the physical servers which store the isolated virtual machines installed in the users’ environments.
Jelastic environment is a collection of isolated virtual containers that provides all the facilities necessary for a particular application.
Node (Container)
Node or container is a virtual isolated machine installed in the environment and stored on the particular hardware node.
IP Pool
The IP pool contains a list of available internal and external IP addresses. The internal IP address is available in the cluster, and the external one is available outside the cluster.
Migration is the process of moving a container on a different hardware node without interruption of work. When a new container is created, it is automatically located on the hardware node. You may sometimes need to migrate a container to balance the system load.

Using Cluster Admin Panel

After you have logged into Cluster Admin Panel, you can monitor and manage the overall clusters health and its details as well as users and tariff plans.

Expand the list given in the left-hand panel to access the detailed information on clusters:

jca menu of the cluster admin panel

Each cluster has several daemons watching the system health. You can see what their current state is by hovering over a cluster name.