Active Directory Domains for Windows Hosting

This functionality is suitable for Private Cloud and is not highly demanded by Public Cloud.

Active Directory (AD) is a popular directory service for Windows networks that organizes and controls access to the resources and processes within the confines of a separate domain. It provides tools for running the network-wide operations and for managing individual network accounts. Benefiting on the Active Directory flexible scalability, you can serve both small and large network environments.

With the help of the AD technology, Jelastic PaaS provides an ability to bind a particular domain to a specific group(s) of users. In such a way, all of the Windows-based nodes (created by these clients) will belong to the stated domain.

The benefits of this option may become especially useful for Jelastic Private Cloud partners.

Example 1: If you have several large customers, create a set of separate user groups and allocate an individual AD domain for each one. Here, the feature allows to maintain them independently (i.e their tasks and configurations won’t intersect).

Example 2: If you need to grant some specific permissions to a third-party organization or some of your clients, assign them to a dedicated group with a bound domain. Using the AD feature, provide the required permissions on the resource and delegate administration of this group to the appointed manager or group lead.

The list of available Active Directory domains can be managed by navigating to the JCA > Cluster > AD Domains (Windows) section.

jca ad domains windows

Here, you can check the information on the configured active directory Domain Name(s) with the appropriate DNS (if any). Use the sections below to find out how to:

Add AD Domain

Click Add at the tools panel to configure a new Active Directory domain for your platform.

add ad domain

In the opened Add Domain frame, specify the following data:

  • Domain Name - the address for your AD domain
    The provided domain should be bought beforehand using any preferred domain registrar.
  • User Name - login for the domain administrator user
  • Password/Confirm Password - access password for the specified user with confirmation via retyping
  • DNS (optional) - IP address of your AD DNS (if needed)

Confirm the configuration of a new active domain with the appropriate Add button.

Assign AD Domain to User Group

Once you’ve added a new AD domain, it can be bound to a particular group of users.

Navigate to the Groups JCA section and click Add to create a new group (or Edit for the existing one). In the opened frame, state all of the necessary parameters and choose the required AD Domain (Windows) from the same-named drop-down list:

assign ad domain to user group

The last point of the list (Add New Domain) opens the add AD domain dialog.

Click Save to apply changes, making all of the Windows-based environments (created by users of this group) assigned to the selected Active Directory domain.

Edit AD Domain

If needed, you can Edit parameters of the existing AD domains with the same-named button.

edit ad domain

In the opened Edit Domain window, change the settings up to your needs. To Change Password you need to tick the appropriate check-box and provide your Old Password for confirmation.

Changing these values at Jelastic side won’t affect the domain’s actual parameters. Thus, the required adjustments should be performed in your domain configs first.
Don’t forget to Save the changes you’ve made.

Remove AD Domain

To delete the Active Directory domain, which is no longer needed, select it within the list and click on the corresponding Remove button above:

remove ad domain

AD domain cannot be deleted if assigned to any user group.
Confirm the action through the appeared pop-up window and the chosen domain will be removed from the list.

What’s next?