Tariff Grids

The Tariff Grids section shows the information on complex licenses' pricing. Tariff grids are used when correct charging with the default metrics is not possible. Also, it can be used when a single stack (template) has multiple license options.

Note: Currently, this section is for view only and cannot be edited via JCA. The Jelastic team adds new grids in accordance with your needs and discussion with the assigned TAM.

tariff grids

Within the section, you can see the list of all tariff grids added to the platform. The table offers the following information:

  • Name of the grid
  • Templates that utilize this grid
  • Description of the tariff grid
  • Date of the grid addition

Upon selecting a particular line, you can see tariffs included in this grid and resources/conditions it corresponds to (e.g. amount of workers or selection of the specific option). The most common use cases for tariff grids are LiteSpeed and Windows VMs license integration.

Although customizations of the grids can only be performed by the Jelastic engineers, you can customize the included Tariffs via the appropriate JCA section.

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