Managing Access Control

The Access Control section provides the information about users, that have access to JCA panel. Also, it contains the Audit Log subsection with the list of actions these users have performed.

Access Control

Select the Access Control menu item to see the table with users Login and Role.

Here you can double-click a particular line to customize the level of access and permissions in Jelastic Cluster Admin Panel for both existing and new users, namely:
  • Admin - has the full access to the Jelastic Cluster Admin Panel features and Platform admin permissions
  • View - can access the Jelastic Cluster Admin Panel features in read-only mode

Note: There are also owner and reseller roles that appear dimmed in the list, since they can not be selected while adding a new user account.

Add a New User Account

Click Add, type a user Login and select the desired Role from the list. Click Update.

Note: The appropriate user should be already registered at the Jelastic system.

After that a new user account will appear in the list. For now it can be used for logging into the JCA panel with the password, that is used for entering the user’s dashboard.

Remove the Existing JCA User

Select the desired JCA user within the list and click Remove.

Confirm that you want to delete the JCA user account and permissions associated with it to complete this operation.

Audit Log

Select the Audit Log menu item to see the table with information about the actions, performed by JCA users:
  • Date when the action was performed
  • User ID of the appropriate user that you can click to be redirected to the Users section
  • Service influenced by the action
  • Method used for performing the action
  • Parameters of the action (hover over a particular one to see its full text)
  • Duration of action processing
  • Result of performing (“Success” or the appropriate error description)

The data in the table can be sorted due to:
  • Time interval (Start/End dates)
  • User ID
  • Service name (Service + Method)

Just specify the needed parameters and Refresh the displayed information.