User Group for Collaboration

A primary account owner can invite anyone to the collaboration even if the required user is not registered in Jelastic. In this case, this newly added member of the shared account will be registered automatically, after confirming the invitation.

This user will be included to the default sign up group, stated in JCA > Billing > Groups > Signup default column (e.g. trial or beta).

Nevertheless, it is recommended to create a separate group for these users and provide them with custom quotas, in order to ensure a sufficient level of accessibility for joint development.

For example, you can set a trial group for them with no trial period limits, but at the same time restrict creation of environments on their accounts (let them work only with the primary account of collaboration).

Let’s see how to configure this:

  1. Create a new group as it is described in the Add new user group section of the Groups document.
  2. Navigate to the Quotas tab and change the values of the following limitations:
  • account.trialperiod - this quota defines the amount of days a user’s account remains active until deactivation. It is recommended to state its value to a large number in order to lift limits, e.g. 1000000.
  • environment.maxcount - state value of this quota to 0 (zero) in order to disallow users to create their own environments.

In such a way, users of this group will be provided with a kind of “eternal” trial period without the ability to create their own environments. They can only work with the existing shared ones, or create new environments only on the primary billing account (if primary user has allowed that).

  1. Then, navigate to Billing > Groups and choose the newly created group from the list.

  2. Click the Use for Collaboration button at the panel.

After that, the chosen group will be marked with a green tick in the Collaboration default column, as it is shown above.

  • all abovementioned configurations are not mandatory, just recommendations
  • user of such trial account can also upgrade to the billing one and get the full functionality of Jelastic’s platform