System Settings Overview

Choose the System settings menu item. Here the platform modules with their parameters are presented.

You can view the settings in User mode or switch to the Expert one by ticking the appropriate checkbox at the top right corner of the panel to get the full list of parameters.

The table of system settings provides information on the Names of modules and parameters they include, Default and custom Values (i.e. the ones you’ve stated manually) of these parameters, Mode a particular parameter is available in (USER or EXPERT), Description with some parameter’s details and the date of Last change.

In order to modify any setting, expand the required list of parameters, choose the one you need and click Edit. In the opened Edit frame, specify the value you need and confirm the change with the OK button.

After that, obligatory Apply the performed amendments with the same-named button - this will restart the needed component with new settings.

Expand the System Settings JCA menu to access the following items: