Marketplace item is used for managing applications available for one-click installation via the Marketplace and Add-ons dashboard sections. Here you can find a list of default JPS packages provided by Jelastic and add/publish your own ones.

The uploaded packages are displayed in the table with information about:

  • ID (it can be used in widgets for one-click installation)
  • Name of application
  • Version of application
  • Type (java, php, ruby, python or nodejs)
  • JPS version (you can have several packages with different configurations)
  • Published (yes or no)

The default app packages pre-installed by Jelastic are marked in grey. You cannot edit or delete them, however you can add your own package with the same ID and it will substitute the existing one. All your custom app packages can be Edited or Removed.

Add a New Package

  1. Click the Add button and choose from the expandable list:
    • New Installation (to make the package available for installation to the automatically created environment)
    • Add-ons (to make the package available for installation on the existing environment)

  2. In the opened window choose the Template of the code you want to use (Java, PHP, Java Complex or Docker). The sample with some basic options will be displayed.

  3. State the values required for your application using the instruction of code writing.

  4. After adding all necessary configuration details, apply the changes by clicking the Save button.
    While editing the code, the validation of JSON is used, so if there are any errors you won't be able to save it.
  5. The saved package will appear in the list but it is not available for the users yet.

Testing App Package

You can test the deployment process of your app package before providing it to end-users.

Add the following parameter at the end of your dashboard URL specifying the link to the JSON manifest file of your package:


This will initiate the process of your application installation.

Publish/Unpublish the Package

When you are sure that everything works fine you can make the package available for your users or hide it any time it is required.

  1. To make any package available for end-users, select it from the list and click the Publish button.

    In such a way the chosen package will be displayed in the list of applications and add-ons at the dashboard (depending on what you’ve taken while creating the package).

  2. If you need to hide the package, select it and click the Unpublish button.

Use App Package

As a result the applications packaged and added to the Jelastic Cloud via JCA can be available to your users in different ways:

  • Add-ons button next to users’ environments