Working with Templates

A template is assigned to a hardware node automatically. When a new soft node example or a container is created, it is located on the hardware node template. Sometimes, you may need to migrate a template, for example, in order to balance the system load by releasing the disk space of a particular hardware node.

Navigate to the Templates JCA section to see the list of all stacks templates, available at your Jelastic cluster. Within this list the following information is available:

  • Name - full name and keyword of the template
  • Node Mission - defines the section of environment topology wizard, where the chosen node is displayed
  • In pool - shows the amount of ready template instances
  • In queue - shows the amount of template instances, which are in process of creation
  • Published - defines if a particular template is accessible by all users via dashboard

Each template (with at least one instance created) has an expandable list of hardware nodes, where its instances are placed - click the triangle before a particular template Name to see it.

Using the buttons in the upper panel you can:

  • Publish/Unpublish templates for all users of your dashboard.
  • Preview a template. This function can be useful if a template is not published yet, but you would like to test it. After selecting this button you will be redirected to your dashboard with all the listed templates available at the environment topology wizard (no matter are they published or not). Also you can use the Open in popup suboption to open the dashboard in the pop-up window instead of a separate browser tab.
  • Regenerate pool for the currently chosen template or for all of them using the appropriate option from the corresponding drop-down menu.
  • Refresh the list of templates.


Navigate to the Cartridges subsection. Here you will see the list of added custom cartridges (if you have any) with info on their Names, Versions and Manifest URLs.

Using buttons in the upper panel you can Add a new cartridge or Remove the existing one. Also, use the Reimport button in the case you’ve made some changes in your cartridge’s configurations and would like to apply them - after clicking on it a cartridge will be automatically re-added to the list of templates.

Note that you need to publish a cartridge template again after each import (this can be done via the JCA > Templates section).

In order to get more info about your own cartridge preparing, adding it to the JCA and making it available for users, navigate to the Create Cartridge and Add Cartridge docs.