The Migrations tab represents the information on the state of all hardware nodes’ migration processes. Here you can effectively manage any migrations that were performed previously or that are in progress now.

Specify the date range you are interested in using the corresponding combo-boxes at the top panel and click on Search.

You’ll see the list of all migrations, performed during the stated period, with the following information on them:
  • Source hardware node - initial instance location
  • Target hardware node - destination instance location
  • Node name - name, version, ID and environment name of the migrated instance
  • Type - type of the migrated instance
  • Status - state of migration process, could be STOPPED (i.e. completed), STARTED (i.e. currently in progress) and FAILED
  • Start time - the exact date and time, when the migration process started
  • End time - the exact date and time of the migration completion (regardless if it was successful or not); stays blank for the operations in progress
  • Duration - time interval between Start and End time of migration

The icons in the first row of the Migrations table reflect the current state of each migration:

GreenMigration is completed
YellowMigration is in progress
RedMigration has failed
The migration processes can be sorted by:
  • Source hardware node
  • Target hardware node
  • Status (All, In progress, Completed, Failed)
  • Start/End date

For example, if you want to see the list of performed migrations for the stated period, choose the Completed status in the corresponding drop-down list and click Search.

You can also use the appropriate buttons to Clear the sorting conditions and to Refresh the list of migrations.